AutoTheory is not a plug in.  It functions outside of your DAW.  It receives input from your midi controller, and sends 8 virtual midi controllers into your DAW.  Within your DAW, you activate and assign them to instruments exactly as you would with regular midi controllers.  AutoTheory's Sequencer can also be synchronized with your DAW's Sequencer.   USERS GUIDE

Sequencer Misalignment

DAW Tutorials

Inside your DAW:

1.  Disable your Keyboard as a MIDI Input

2.  Enable "AutoTheory Devices" as MIDI Inputs

3.  Enable "AutoTheory Clock" as a MIDI Output

4.  Assign "AutoTheory Devices" to Instruments

Inside AutoTheory:

1.  Enable your Keyboard as a MIDI Input

2.  Enable "MIDI Clock" 

3.  Set Output to "MIDI Devices"

While the initial setup takes a little bit of time, beyond that AutoTheory will greatly improve the speed of your workflow.


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