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Where can I find the presets folder for AutoTheory?

Mac: /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/com.mozaicbeats.AutoTheory5plugin/presets

Win: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\com.mozaicbeats.AutoTheory5plugin

Why isn't the Smart Scale changing chords when I copy it to a new area of my DAWs Sequencer?
If you copy Smart Scale content to an area where there is no Chord Generator content being played, chord changes will not occur.  You can program a "silent" chord change by selecting Mute on the Chord Generator and recording the chord progression.  This will allow for shifting of the Smart Scale without an audible chord change.

If I already purchased a license for AutoTheory 4, do I need to purchase an upgrade for AutoTheory 5?

No.  If you have already purchased a license for AutoTheory 4, you do not need to purchase another update.  The VST/AU version will work with the exact same AutoTheory 4 license that you have already purchased.  All you need to do is download the software.

If I purchased an older version of AutoTheory, am I eligible for VST/AU upgrade pricing?

Yes.  All versions of AutoTheory released before version 4 (except for the Reason RE version) are eligible for VST/AU upgrade pricing of $19.99.

Downloads of Previous Versions

Why is Latency Occurring when I use the Smart Scale and Multi Arp?

A Delay Effect is applied to the Smart Scale and Multi Arp to accomodate moments where a chord change occurs at the same time as when you play a note/arpeggio.  This ensures that the note/arpeggio fits with the chord selection.  You can adjust the Delay Effect within the preferences section by clicking on the AutoTheory logo.

Where do the AutoTheory Plugin Files download to?
If you do not specify a different folder during install, the AutoTheory plugin files will be downloaded to:

Mac: /Users/{username}/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST (or VST3, or Components for audio units)

Win: /Windows (C:)/Program Files/Steinberg

Why won't AutoTheory scan properly into my DAW Plugin Library?
If you are not logged in to your computer as the System Administrator, it may be causing the problem.  Please make sure you are logged in to the computer as the System Administrator when scanning AutoTheory in to your DAWs Plugin Library.