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If AutoTheory devices are not showing up in your DAW, check the "Device Manager" / "Sound, Video and Game controllers" for the "SBVMIDI driver".  If it has an exclamation point and says there is a problem with the driver signature, please run a Windows update to bring your system to date.  The driver signature has been registered recently, and may not show up on operating systems that have not been updated in a while.  If that does not work, try this Windows Fix


Pro Tools - If midi is not being received from AutoTheory: Read this 


The license that you purchase allows you to assign your activation to two computers or iLok2/3 dongles through the iLok License Manager software.  Once you have entered the activation code, you will not need to enter it again for different computers, just click and drag AutoTheory to the 2nd computer/dongle.  You can also deactivate licenses from a computer/dongle within the iLok License Manager, should you want to switch it to a different one.


If you have permanently lost your 2 iLok activations/assignments, email us an explanation of what happened along with your iLok License Manager username to reset the license.  Also, please send $1.00 via paypal to to cover the associated iLok fees.


"AutoTheory is damaged and can't be opened" dialogue box:  Read this


Presets folder for Mac: 
/Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/com.mozaicbeats.AutoTheory/presets


Presets folder for Win: