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AutoTheory is not a plug in.  It functions outside of your DAW.  It receives midi from your keyboard (or pad) controller, and sends 8 virtual midi controllers into your DAW.  Within your DAW, you activate and assign them exactly as you would with regular midi controllers.








1.  Purchase an Activation Code (all sales are final)


2.  Download & Install iLok License Manager Software (no iLok dongle/usb required):


3.  Enter activation code into iLok license manager (click on pill shaped button with two dots and an I in upper right corner).  Once activated, you will need to assign the license to your desired computer(s) or iLok 2/3 dongles.  Two different locations can be assigned per license.


4.  Install AutoTheory Pro (v3.0.5).  Make sure to accept the Springbeats SBVIMIDI driver pop up.

Mac Download   /   Windows Download (64 & 32) 

Users Guide



AutoTheory 4 Users Guide

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