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Discount Code:

1.  Purchase an Activation Code

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2.  Download & Install the most current version of the iLok License Manager Software (no iLok dongle/key required):


3.  Enter the activation code (provided by the reseller) into the iLok license manager and assign the license to your desired computer(s) or iLok 2/3 dongle(s).  Two different locations can be assigned for each license.

iLok Tutorial

iLok Upgrade Tutorial


4.  Install AutoTheory 4  (updated 8/7/18 - log below)

Mac Download

Windows Download (64 bit)

Windows Download (32 bit)

Users Guide


New Features in AutoTheory 4
Simplified Output Routing
Internal Multi-Track/Scene Sequencer
MIDI Sync to DAW
Post Recording Key/Scale Alteration
Patented Multi Arp
Open Chord Assignment on white keys
Individual Chord Assignment

Key/Scale Shifters
Expanded Chord Groups 
Chord Repeat
Note Repeat
Stack Parameter
Velocity Control Algorithms
Hold Function



Purchase, Installation and Download


AutoTheory is not a plug in.  It functions outside of your DAW.  It receives input from your midi controller, and sends 8 virtual midi controllers into your DAW.  Within your DAW, you activate and assign them to instruments exactly as you would with regular midi controllers.  You can also sync AutoTheory's Sequencer to your DAW's Sequencer.



Reason RE format not included

Upgrade Price - $19.99


Version History
4.0.1 (July 19 2018) - Initial Release
4.0.2 (August 7 2018)

  • Resolves a Sequencer Sync bug with FL Studio
  • Resolves a problem where MIDI Outputs and Inputs were not recognized within Maschine
  • Eliminates any latency that existed in Bypass mode
  • Provides a 32 bit version for Windows