Implementation of Sus2 & Sus4 Chords       

    Utilizing Sus2 and Sus4 Chords within AutoTheory is very easy.  After selecting a chord from the Chord Generator, go to the Chord Editor and deactivate the “3” step of the chord.  You can then go to either the “9(2)” or “11(4)” step, and select one.  If you are not using inversions for the Global Chord Types, you will also want to lower the added 2 or 4 tone an octave in the chord editor so that it fits with the other tones.

    Example of a Sus2 chord:

    Example of a Sus4 chord:

    Now that we know how to program a Sus2/4 chord, it is important to understand the context in which they are best used.  Most commonly Sus2/4 chords lead into the normal triad or seventh of the same chord position.  So if I was to play a Sus4 i chord, I would probably follow that up with a normal i chord triad.  The black keys of the Chord Generator are very helpful in this instance, as they allow for secondary chords to be assigned.  It is important to note that Sus4 chords are more commonly used than Sus2 chords.


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