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Setup is pretty much the same as previous versions with a few exceptions:


We have implemented a new driver couresty of BomeMIDI.  The new input devices will contain an _ (AutoTheory_1, etc.).  You can delete the previous SBVIMIDI driver from the device manager (sound, video and game controllers) if you know that you will be buying the upgrade.


We recommend recording directly into AutoTheory before drag n drop exporting to desired DAWs midi tracks.  When doing this, you DO NOT want to have your DAW Sequencer recording.  You will need to select "AutoTheory Beat Clock" as an output within your DAW, and enable "MIDI Sync" within AutoTheory to synchronize AutoTheory's Sequencer to your DAW.


Understand that MIDI Sync (Beat Clock) is an outdated technology which induces low levels of drift between the DAW and AutoTheory sequencer.  After much testing, we feel that the drift is minimal and not very noticable.  When more DAWs implement Ableton Link (a much more precise technology), we will gladly incorporate it.


1.  Click "Add to Cart" for a beta license extension code (must have a previous beta license).


2.  Enter activation code into iLok license manager (click on pill shaped button with two dots and an I in upper right corner).  Once activated, you will need to assign the license to your desired computer(s) or iLok 2/3 dongles.  Two different locations can be assigned per license.


3.  Install AutoTheory 4 beta (updated 5/14/18)

Mac Download

Windows Download (64 & 32) 

Users Guide

We are proud to announce that our beta testing period is now open.  We are very excited about the improvements we have made to AutoTheory, and we feel that you will be too. Please email with any feedback or bug findings. 


Following the beta period, upgrade pricing will be $29.99 as our regular price has increased to $99.99

AutoTheory 4 Beta